Hello Vloger!

(Read the material for 60 seconds) You are a famous and popular vlogger - live by telling your opinionKnow the secrets I do not know English well, but I'm the one who can help you! A little statistique (source: -More than 1 billion inquiries per month are found on YouTube -A visitor watches video blogs on average every 40 minutes a day -People upload to YouTube for up to 300 hours of video every minute -The ideal video length is 5 minutes. Videos that are longer or shorter are being watched less and less -More than a quarter of the video bloggers spend less than 120 USD on equipment -The best-looking video blogger in the YouTube channel The PewDiePie video game video blog is followed by 49 million subscribers. PewDiePie's videos earn $ 12 million a year
Other data: -More than 100 new video bloggers per minute appear in the world -80 percent of new video bloggers will not be successful, 16 percent earn some money, and only 4 video bloggers in 100 will earn more. But on…